When and Why to Get 24 Hour Window Boarding Up Services

A broken window is vulnerable to many threats. It lets forces of nature affect your comfort in homes and offices. Trespassers and anti-socials generally take advantage of such circumstances and break into a property. Being an owner it is your duty to keep a note of the required repair work of your place. While people can manage to handle the trivial household repairing works, boarding up a house requires 24 hour window boarding up service southampton. It is not a job that you handle every day. Wondering how to board up a window? Continue reading further as this blog is about when and why to appoint window boarding-up services.

Some of the common reasons for board-up services are as follows,


  1. Storm damage

Natural calamities can damage your property. It is very difficult for a glass window to stand the power of nature and thus wind up being shattered. In such situations, you are in immediate need of 24 hour window boarding up services to keep away dirt and dust to damage your property.


  1. Fire

If your house is a victim of a fire break out, the heat of the fire will crack in the windows of your property. Even firefighters make their way into your house by breaking your windows when doors are not available.


  1. Vacant property

A vacant home is always exposed to outsiders and burglars. 24 hour window boarding up services Southampton do not only repair broken windows, but also work on protecting your property from any damage. In short, it enhances the security of your place.


  1. Prevention

Prevention is better than cure. If you know there is a storm on the way, you can hire a 24-hour window boarding up services to prepare your windows. Replacing a broken window will cost you more than taking precautionary steps.  Hiring 24 hour window boarding-up services will reduce your stress as you know that your property is now safe from damage.


Advantages that you get from window boarding up services

There are people who think boarding up services be of no use and for those we have some of the most essential benefits of boarding up your house,


  1. Prevents further damage

As we have mentioned above that you can protect your property by availing of boarding up services for your house or office will save the cost of repairing and replacing the broken parts. When you can cut off the extra costs, why not choose that? Faced with a fire or other natural disaster, appoint an emergency window repair to avoid further damage.


  1. Insurance coverage

There are many insurance policies that demand you to take necessary precautions to stop further damage after a mishap has taken place in your asset. Emergency Board up services is the best option that you can avail yourself of in these situations. Your insurance company will easily accept your claim. Avoiding boarding-up services may give your insurance company a chance to deny your claim.


Precautionary Steps before board up a window


  1. Self-protection

While working with power tools professionals take safety precautions like using leather gloves, safety glasses, masking tape, etc. The first step to boarding up a house or office is to maintain safety measures.


  1. Broken glass

The foremost thing to notice while you are boarding up a house is to make sure that the cracked window panes have stability. There is always a risk of broken glass falling out from the pane and thus check it before starting to board up a house.


  1. Take it out or tape it

Masking tapes are used for cracks to secure them. All the window panes and the window glass should be taped in a way that there is no further risk regarding a damaged window. Replace the Window panes that are damaged and need to be replaced. Broken parts are disposed of before the process of boarding up starts.


 Steps that professionals follow while boarding up a house


  1. Cover up the asset to make it ready for adverse weather conditions.


  1. Take a measurement of the window and cut a ply. Drill holes into the plywood and place it in the middle of the frame.


  1. Mount the ply securely to cover the window.



24 hour boarding up services is all about enhancing the security of your property, and when it comes to security, we are the pit stop where you get every other service regarding repairing door locks and handles, internal door locks, snap safe locks, and every other locking mechanism. No more reason to worry about the security of your property just appoint us in case of any emergency situations. Our trained professionals are available 24*7 at your service.

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