Exploration Of A Door Lock Mechanism

door lock mechanism

You can have a good sleep once you know all your belongings are safe and secured. Door locks are one of the most important parts of security. Locks are one of the equipment that we use daily but we hardly think about the mechanism it uses to protect your property from intruders. Today we will be discussing the anatomy of the door lock mechanism. To learn more read further.


First of all, let us know the names of the parts that are involved in the door lock mechanism,

Some of the commonly used parts of door locks are,


  •   The cylinder, also known as the body of the lock, is the place where the key is inserted. You might be amazed to know that the lock consists of a number of spring-loaded pins inside the cylinder that prevents the cylinder from turning. The cylinder is also the main part where the inner parts of the lock are placed and protected from damage and weather conditions.
  •   The Bolt, chiefly called a latch, is placed inside the door with a piece of metal that extends from the door to the frame of the door. The bolt plays a major role in keeping the lock locked. In other words, it is the part that holds the door locked.
  •   The box is an extension from cylinder to bolt

 The box is the part that holds the bolt when locked. The importance of the box is that it prevents the lock from opening when pulled.


Next, let us put our focus on the parts that a key comprises,


A key is a single piece of metal that is used to unlock a lock. There are two parts in a key each having a different function. Two parts of the key are,

  1.   The blade is the primary portion of the key

Locks are designed in such a manner that they can distinguish different keys and unlock with the perfect blade.

  1.   The bow is the second part of the key

This part of the key is used to apply force to the key such that you can unlock the lock using the blade. It is the part that allows you to apply the required friction to the lock.

Deadbolt is another major part of the door lock mechanism,


The most important parts of the deadbolt are as follows,


  1.   The actual bolt is the extension that joins the door to the frame and also prevents it from opening when the door is pulled or pushed.
  2.   The thumb latch is the part that extends from the surface of the lock. While opening the door lock from inside the thumb latch is required.
  3.   The turn piece is also known as the tail piece. This is the part of the door lock mechanism that extends from the door through the cylinder on the outer key. This helps you operate the lock as per your use.
  4. The keyhole is the place where the key is inserted to lock or unlock the door. Each and every part is essential in order to have a proper door lock mechanism.


Next comes the door strike plate

The strike plate is a piece of metal that is attached to the door jam itself. The bolt is inserted into the set of holes that are present on the door. The bolt extends into the hole whenever the door is closed. It is the job of the strike plate, which protects the lock from excess friction and keeps the door closed. It is the strike plate that adds strength to the door lock mechanism.

 The Rosette is another part of the door lock

Another vital part of a door lock mechanism is the rosette. It is the part that is situated behind the knobs. The function of the rosette is to keep the doorknob in place. The knob is protected from rattling by the rosette when the knob is turned.


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