Common Reasons When You Need Door Locks And Handles Repairs

The Door locks and handles repairs have always been an essential part of security for our residential and commercial property. Having a problematic door lock and handle is nothing but compromising with the security of your belongings. This article is all about some of the reasons when you are in need of Door locks and handles repairs services. Continue reading further in order to acquire information on the door handles and the security of your property.


Let us start with Door Locks And Handles Repairs problems that you commonly face:

  • Disarrayed door latch

You might have noticed that there are times when the door does not close properly or the latch misses the strike plate. It is a sign that denotes that the door is not properly aligned. There are ways by which you can fix these issues. A professional locksmith will remove the door and put it back in alignment, and also change the lock of the door if necessary. 

  • Turning the key without locking

Key getting turned without locking the door is a red flag. If you are well aware of the door lock mechanism, then you can just remove the lock and check the reason for the fault. Generally wearing away small parts causes the key to rotate without locking the door.

  • Key clings onto the lock

It is also one of the most common problems that most of us have faced over time. Trying to force the key inside the lock will break it and its parts will get stuck inside. Before applying your force make sure that you consult a locksmith to avoid post issues. 

  • Faulty door mechanism

Excessive or rare usage of a lock may cause door mechanism failure. Like every other mechanism door lock also requires a scheduled maintenance service in order to extend its durability. 

Some of the door handle problems that are generally faced,

  • Rust in door locks 

Rust can be the reason for you to seek door locks and handles repair services. Most of the time, people face problems in operating the door handles due to the contact of moisture with the door’s metallic parts, leading to rust. There are steps by which you can get rid of such problems and operate a door handle smoothly.

  • submerge the rusted part vinegar and let it rest for a day
  • Drain the excess vinegar 
  • Apply baking soda to it
  • Wash the parts that you had covered with baking soda
  • Scrub off the remaining parts
  • Dry the rusted parts with a towel
  • Coat off the dryer door handle with metal clear coat spray
  • Apply the spray turn by turn on each side and let it dry 

By applying the above-mentioned methods you will be able to keep door locks and handle away from rust. 

Salvaging old parts

Very often you will notice that door handles do not work efficiently like they used to. Over time, the door handles get worn out due to extensive or rarely use. It, in turn, may cause the malfunctioning of small parts inside the lock, causing several inconveniences. Thus, it is always suggested to replace your door’s old parts before you need to change the entire door handle system. As they say, precaution is always better than prevention! 

Screw up the connections

A door handle loosened up gradually and its part began to wane. This is the time when you hear different noises that are created due to the vibrations from the hinges of the door handle.  For this sort of issue, you need door locks and door handles repair. 

Periodical maintenance is required for Door locks and handles repairs in order to keep up the security of your home or commercial place. We, at Trustedlocks are one of the most elite locksmith service providers that provide essential services like a boarded-up house, anti-snap locks Southampton, emergency board-up services, Lock Repairs Southampton, Door Repairs Southampton and many other services related to locks that you need in day to day life.

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