Sash Jammers are reasonably cheap pieces of equipment that you can have installed to a window or door to improve its overall level of security. They are often used on uPVC windows and doors and once installed the handle will pivot and secure over the window or door frame giving extra strength help to prevent forced entry.

Although sash jammers are a great extra level of security for your windows and doors it is important to remember that they should never be used alone as your main security measure. You should also have high security cylinders and multipoint Southampton Locksmith systems that meet the current minimum-security requirements of TS007.

Sash jammers are available in most DIY shops and are reasonable cheap to buy costing around £10, but even the best sash jammer available cannot guarantee that a burglar wouldn’t be able to break into your property, however, they definitely do make it much more difficult and could just be the difference between a break-in and an attempted break-in as it is every burglars goal to get in and out of a property as quickly as possible and without drawing too much attention to themselves. So, if they are met with an unexpected resistance caused by the sash jammer they may give up and go and find an easier target.

Home security measures are something you should take a look at frequently. This is because there is almost always something that can be improved upon. The security industry are constantly working on new and improved ways to combat thieves so there is always new and improved measures available for you to implement at your property to help keep it as safe and secure as possible. Contact us now at Southampton Locksmith.

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