A comparison between snap safe locks and the regular locks

In the modern era, locks are very important to keep your house safe from burglars. Unless you are living in a very honest and pure society where robbery or theft does not exist, you always have a chance of robbery in your home, office, etc. with the advancement of technology the thieves also found a way to pick your old lock and take all your belongings. So the old lock method is not safe anymore. You need more high security around your house that only snap safe locks can provide you. For your better understanding let’s compare between your regular locks and anti snap locks.


  • You believe it or not snap safe locks are more economic than your regular southampton locksmiths. Now you will argue that this statement is false because clearly, regular locks cost much lesser than the anti snap ones. But if you think about it, your regular lock can be broken so easily that any day a burglar can come into your house and take many of your valuable things which might cost you a lot more expensive than a single anti-snap lock. Whereas the anti snap locks are very hard to open and take expertise to pick, which makes it a one time investment and worth it for your money.
  • The only difference between these two types of locks is a single small hole. The screw socket used to join the lock to the door is the weak point of a conventional cylinder. If the cylinder protrudes more than 5mm beyond the edge of the door, a force can be administered to this weak area, causing the cylinder to shatter and reveal the latching mechanism within. A sacrificial snap line is a line carved into the cylinder body that faces the outside of the door on snap safe locks. When pressure is acted to the cylinder, it snaps along this line, but the mechanism itself remains intact. Because the lock is divided into two sections, even if the front half of the barrel is broken off, the door will remain locked. Not only will your gate lock stay safe, but you’ll also be able to use it until you can replace it.
  • This also affects your mental health and your overall growth. If you don’t have to always think that someone might barge into your office or home and take away all your belongings, you can sleep well. The next day you will wake up with a fresh start and will be able to concentrate on your work. In short, snap safe locks gives you a sense of security which gives you mental peace.

Not all locks are anti snap locks. So you might ask how do I know if it’s an anti snap or not?

The answer is:

The one and the only way to be positive that you have anti-snap locks are to remove the lock from the door and inspect it for snap lines (as indicated above). Someone will claim that locks are anti-snap if the BS kitemark is displayed on the cylinder; while this may be genuine, it is not a guarantee. When selecting snap safe locks for your business, it is best to consult with a competent expert. A skilled southampton locksmiths will evaluate your door and order a valve that is the correct size for your particular door. This ensures that the cylinder does not protrude from the door casing, preventing an attacker from using a device to try to shatter your lock in the first place.

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