uPVC Door Repairs Southampton – Window Repairs Southampton

Here at TrustedLocks Southampton we are specialists in uPVC door repairs and uPVC window repairs. After many years of use, through wear and tear it is completely normal for uPVC windows and doors to fail. Sometimes a uPVC door or window may fail to shut because it has become misaligned to due hanging on the hinges for years under it’s own weight. A misaligned door or window is a quick, easy and cheap fix which only takes a matter of minutes. If a door or window is misaligned it means you will not have to fork out for any new parts as we can come adjust the door for you to get it realigned.

If the mechanism on the door has failed then we might be able to repair it, but more often than not, mechanisms fail because they are old and have worn out, so they need to be replaced with a new part. We will always try to repair a mechanism where possible.

uPVC doors lock using a multi-point locking mechanism, which basically means the lock locks in several positions up the length of the door. If you find the door isn’t locking properly or becomes difficult to lock then contact us immediately as the sooner we catch a problem the more likely it is we are able to repair it.

We often are able to diagnose a uPVC door or uPVC window issue over the phone with you so can usually give you an accurate price over the phone. If we are unable to do that we may have to come and inspect the door or window first to be able to give you an accurate price, but we’ll make sure you know that when you call.

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If you have a failing door lock or mechanism and require our uPVC door repair services in Southampton then contact us today on 023 8008 5151