Why You Might Need A Locksmith


There are so many scenarios in which you would need the skills and expertise of a locksmith, some of which are a lot more common than others. Below our team at TrustedLocks Southampton have put together a guide on some of the most common reasons for Locksmiths Southampton call outs so if you ever find yourself in one of these scenarios you will know exactly what to do.

Locked Out – Being locked out of a home or business is by far one of the most common reasons customers require the services of a locksmith. Being locked out of your property is often a stressful experience luckily any good locksmith will be able to help. Most locksmiths can quickly gain entry to your property without causing any damage, and if it’s necessary they can even change your locks in the same visit. A lock change is usually necessary when the keys to the property have been lost or stolen to ensure that the property remains secure and it is only you with a copy of the keys. If you ever find yourself needing a Locksmiths Southampton to come and help you gain entry to your property make sure you ask them over the phone if they can gain entry without causing any damage before you book with them.

Lock Upgrades and Changes – It is becoming increasingly more common for Locksmiths Southampton to receive a call to come and upgrade the locks at a property. This is likely due to insures requiring locks to meet the minimum standard BS6321 before they will provide cover or for cover to continue as normal. If you have cover and fall victim to a break-in and you did not get the locks upgraded to meet the new BS3621 standard, then you could find that your insurance policy is void and they will not pay out on any claims.

As well as this, locks are changed and upgraded to improve the overall security of a property other common reasons for lock changes and upgrades include, damaged locks, and recently moved home. You need to change the locks when you move into a new property so you can be sure you and your family are the only ones with copies of the keys as you can never be sure of how many keys are still in circulation from previous occupants.

Burglary Damage – Unfortunately, burglaries do happen, and they are on the increase in Southampton. Burglars are finding new ways to gain entry to homes such as using techniques like lock snapping. Luckily, the security industry is always coming up with new ways in which to combat this such as the release of snap safe locks which will prevent burglars from using this technique to get into your property. It is important to keep up to date with your security measures to give your home the best chance at being as secure as it can be.

If you have already been broken into and they used force to break the door down or smash a window, then our team at TrustedLocks Southampton also provide a boarding up service 24 hours a day. We will also be able to advise you on other security measures that can help prevent future break-ins and carry out any necessary repairs on locks and handles.

If you need a reliable local locksmith today for any of the issues mentioned above, or any other lock, key or security issues, then contact TrustedLocks Southampton023 8008 5151

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